Covid 19 Rebuild

I support Darebin’s community, to rebuild the local economy after Covid-19.

Preston Market

I pledge to lobby in the interests of our community and our market. To keep it, in its current position and let it flourish, so we can be celebrating its 100th birthday.

Route 11 Tram

I support a feasibility study into the Extension of the Route 11 tram. This feasibility report can be used to advocate for Federal and State Government funding after the pandemic, when they will be looking for large capital works to stimulate the economy.


I support measures to improve pensioner rebates and ensure the have access to services and social clubs, so that these services can still be in place when I am their age.

Shop Local

I pledge to support our local shopping strips and businesses who have been hit hard by Covid-19. I want to ensure that the local economy emerges from the pandemic stronger than ever.


I am committed to supporting our youth by increasing opportunities and services to let them thrive.

Edwards Lake

I support improving the water quality of Edwardes lake to enable our “crown jewel” to become a water recreational hub once again.

Responsible Rates

I don’t stand for rate increases during such a difficult time and believe we all need to work together in the best interests of our residents.

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