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I am a proud Darebin local that is excited for the future and how we can build our community.   I was raised in Reservoir by my father, a humble tram driver and my mother, a housewife.  My education commenced at the local JS Grey Kindergarten in Preston West, followed by St John’s College in Preston.  My family and school life instilled the principles of fairness, multiculturalism and acceptance.  Together with these values, I live each day following the ideals of  love, excelling, achieving and dreaming.


My most prominent early memories of my childhoods are from the community activities and involvement.  I played soccer, tennis at Lakeview Tennis Club and attended Greek dance lessons in Northcote.

In 2012 I joined the committee of West Preston Soccer Club, where I led the Junior Club, where I continued to infuse my passion for youth engagement and inclusion.

Coming from a Greek background, I am very proud of my culture.  In 2015 I became one of the founding members of the Hellenic Cultural Association of Melbourne, taking on the public relations role and most recently President 2019 - 2022. My passion for Greek culture has allowed me to build and contribute to empowering women and aged services within the community, becoming a dance instructor and activities coordinator of The Greek Women Traditional Dancing Group “The Arhontisses” in Thornbury. 

My pride of my Greek heritage is what makes me equally proud of the multicultural City that is Melbourne, and that is the reason why I also joined the committee of the Antipodes | Lonsdale Street Greek Festival.  My duties have been significant in bringing this major Melbournian event to life.

In my professional career I have worked as a IT consultant, and understand business,  the flow on effects of decisions made, and the need for transparency in all aspects of an organisation.

I wish to continue to provide for my community and want to build a stronger, better, more inclusive Darebin, that everyone can be proud of.

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